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Principal's Welcome,


“Nutrition has become one of the key issues facing society. Nutrition-related health problems are a major cause of morbidity and mortality, but optimal nutrition may enhance performance and well-being. People are starting to take more responsibility for their own health, and they want to know how lifestyle adjustments can prevent health problems instead of relying on costly medical intervention after problems have occurred. 


Since 2002, RPA Holistic Wellness Academy has taken on this noble responsibility and mission to provide proper guidance for


  • the self-conscious, who understand the importance of nutritional wellness,

  • the big-hearted, who constantly look up for natural remedies to heal people and

  • the enlightened, who want to change for a world with less sorrow and less disease sufferings.


We invites you to join us today, not just for the bright future in holistic healing careers, but also for that dignified holistic path we will be walking you through, which in turn, help define yourself a blissful and meaningful life!


Dr Andrea Chin

​Principal / Founder

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