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RPA Story


RPA Holistic Wellness Academy (RPA) was established to offer quality education and training for the betterment of our younger generation for their career advancement and generate public awareness on the importance of health and wellbeing.


RPA’s mission is to provide an opportunity to those who wish to achieve quality education and practical experience necessary to become a professional wellness consultant, by creating a learning environment that is constantly evolving. It benefits from modern new buildings and developments, alongside an excellent range of courses and support from friendly, experienced staff.  Our interactive, learner-centered lessons ensure success.  We provide professional advice on the selection programmes and career path for our students and establish strategic partnership with other establishments. 


RPA’s range of training programmes are designed to provide students with underpinning knowledge and the practical skills needed for the workplace.  Each award has been designed by industry experts with many years of training experience and who understand the employment market and the skills required in the workplace. 


We believe training should be flexible and fun, progressing at their own pace, all supported by mentoring, assessment and national certification through the Academy's accredited local and international network.


With the authorization of International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), London and Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM), RPA is seeking to forge stronger links between industry and education, by establishing an industrial network.  Our aim is to make workplace learning, tutorial support and accreditation more easily accessible, by creating a 'one-stop' training hub for aesthetic and wellness education and training for general public and job seekers. RPA has gained recognition from many employers and is dedicated to extending the recognition of its qualification for the purposes of employment or starting one’s business.

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